• Treestatus endpoint /treestatus/stack/<int:id> no longer supports nonstandard HTTP verb REVERT use the DELETE verb with ?revert=True instead for previous behavior. (#323)

  • Slaveloan should use more REST-like path semantics. (#273)

    • GET of /slaveloan/loans/all now available as /slaveloan/loans/?all=1

    • admin-only POST to /slaveloan/loans/new now is a POST to /slaveloan/loans/

    • old loan requests via POST to /slaveloan/loans/request now is a POST to /slaveloan/loans/

    • REST type LoanAdminRequest merged with type LoanRequest

UI Changes:

  • Added compat endpoints to ease transition of treestatus (#324)

  • Add tree status colors (#327)

  • Improve readability of log time in treestatus (#328)

  • Upgrade AngularJS to version 1.4.5 from version 1.2.9 (#304)

  • Slaveloan improvements to allow non-admins to see more of their own loan details (#273)

    • You can view your own loans details via an api call at /slaveloan/loans/<int:id> without admin permission.

Development Changes:

  • Set CELERY_ACCEPT_CONTENT if it's not already set (#285)

  • Make relengapi.apimethod, etc. exist when importing relengapi (#290)

  • Explicitly log directly to mozdef when warranted, rather than via syslog (Bug 1192021, and PR #332)

  • Support disable_login_view in tests, which disables automatic redirects for login. (#335)

  • Set flask LOGIN_DISABLED explicitly to False in the test context (#335)

  • Use package isort for better pep8-compliant import ordering (#302, #339, #343)

  • Support Flask-Login>=0.3 (#340, #341)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix handling of sessions in badpenny execution (#311)

  • Badpenny execution fails when calling the task fails (#311)

  • Set and verify MySQL connection charset (#330)

  • Use a null StorageBackend to avoid SQLite errors when building sphinx docs (#331)

  • Use UTCDateTime for treestatus (and enforce it instead of column type DateTime everywhere) (#334)

  • AutoType should allow newlines for type comments in docs (#338)

  • Improved slaveloan test coverage by 16.89% (and total relengapi code coverage by 2.7% at the same time) (#273)

  • logger.bind bleeds to other modules/scopes, mostly noticeable in tests (#336)

  • Some documentation missing /mapper prefix (#344)

See the Full Changelog/diff on github