This release contains some minor enhancements.

UI changes:

  • Fix display of duration in badpenny tasks (#215)

  • Improve the <perm> element to show a tooltip (#161)

  • Hide the token auth "Revoke" button when none of the visible tokens can be revoked (#223)

  • Disable, rather than hiding, the token "Issue" button, when the form is not valid (#203)

Development/deployment changes:

  • Add a constant authentication scheme which just assumes a single user is logged in (#222).

  • Allow to be a relative path (#221)

  • Add a buidlapi repl subcommand for an interactive prompt (#217)

  • Include all defined permissions in the Angular initial_data constant (#161)

  • Include contributing.json to increase discoverability by contributors (#226)

  • Format user tokens with more useful information in the logs (#210)

  • Provide a method for running badpenny tasks on-demand (#190)

  • Special-case database dialects and provide dialect-specific configuration (#31)

  • Support Mozilla-style POSIX LDAP groups such as scm_level_1 (#228)

Testing changes:

  • Fold validation output in Travis-CI (#69)

  • Log test client requests in test runs (#188)