Breaking Changes

  • The names of the token-related permissions have changed as described below. When deploying relengapi-2.0.0, any existing configuration should be updated simultaneously to use the new names.

    • base.tokens.issue has become base.tokens.prm.issue

    • base.tokens.view has become base.tokens.prm.view

    • base.tokens.revoke has become base.tokens.prm.revoke

  • The auth_tokens table has acquired three new columns, which should be added to the database before or during the update.

    • typ

    • user

    • disabled

  • The badpenny_jobs table's task_id column is no longer nullable.

  • Previous versions of RelengAPI mistakenly expected a header named Authentication instead of the standard Authorization. In this version of RelengAPI, both are accepted, but clients should switch to use the correct, standard header. Support for Authentication will be dropped in relengapi-3.0.0

Changes in This Version

  • Add token types usr, prm, and tmp. (#175, #186, #201)

  • Add S3 support (#183)

  • Fix IntegrityError in cleanup_old_jobs (#189)

  • Reset DB sessions between Celery tasks, so a failed transaction does not poison the next task (#193, #200)

  • Accept the standard "Authorization" header for authentication, keeping backward compatibility with the existing "Authentication" header (#192)

  • UI improvements to the token interface (#175, #199)

  • Fix JavaScript compatibility with Google Chrome (#196)

  • Prohibit open redirects in the login process (#187)

  • Support using Python logging in Celery tasks (#205)