Adding SubcommandsΒΆ

The relengapi command-line tool can be extended with additional subcommands.

In your blueprint, define a subclass of Subcommand:

from relengapi.lib import subcommands class MySubcommand(subcommands.Subcommand):

def make_parser(self, subparsers):

parser = subparsers.add_parser('mything', help='do some stuff') # ... return parser

def run(self, parser, args):


The make_parser method is given an argparse subparsers object (as returned from add_subparsers), and should add a subparser with appropriate arguments for the subcommand. It must return this subparser.

The run method is invoked if this subcommand is given on the command line. It runs in the context of a Flask application, so you can use flask.current_app if the app is required.

If your subcommand does not want console logging set up automatically, set the class-level variable want_logging to false.