Flask App

The RelengAPI Flask App is mostly a normal Flask App, but has a few additional attributes that may be of use:

class flask.Flask

Access to authorization functionality outside of a request context. See Authentication and Authorization.


Amazon Web Services functionality. See Using AWS.


A [Celery](http://www.celeryproject.org/) app -- for internal use. See Using Celery Tasks.


Database access. See Using Databases.


Control of the global Jinja2 layout. See Web User Interface.


Access to configured memcached caches. See Using Memcached


This attribute gives a list of all RelengAPI blueprints. It is different from current_app.blueprints in that it does not include blueprints from Flask extensions. Each RelengAPI blueprint has a dist attribute giving the SetupTools distribution from which the blueprint came.

Blueprints can add their own attributes to the application as necessary. These should generally begin with the name of the blueprint to avoid name collisions.